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Cash Crop veers from simple stripped-back melodies to riotous guitar overtures to Americana. “I’m declaring war,” sings Whitty on the opening track Bottom Line. 


Ian’s lyrics conjure up dreams of young love as well as hope and meaning in the face of loss. They delve into disillusionment with modern culture and chart an evolution from partner to parent.


The album constantly draws the listener into an emotional exploration, all the while Whitty’s seasoned vocal is gravelly with experience, biting in its commentary and sharp in its storytelling. He frequently shifts perspectives, personas and characters in weaving a modern tapestry that manages to be both personal and full of symbolism.


It took eight years for Ian to travel the roads and bear witness to the events that we find in Cash Crop. In doing so he has provided us with an album that is warm and intimate yet feels epic in its scope.

“Making a record is a genuinely difficult thing to do,” said Ian. “Simply put, it’s easier to make a mess of it than to get it right. That said we are ready to walk away from this one feeling like we have captured something with a real identity, that we haven’t let any of the songs down and that we have challenged ourselves creatively in the process.”


With the intent of capturing both the energy and intimacy of live shows Cash Crop was recorded in “live” spaces including One Chance Out Studios in Cork. The album was co-produced by Ian Whitty & The Exchange, Steve Fanagan and Chris Somers. It was engineered by Chris Somers and predominantly mixed by Steve Fanagan. Cash Crop was mastered at Whisper and Shout Studios, Los Angeles by Ruairi O’Flaherty. Long-time collaborator Suzanne Power of Hazel Tree Design created the sartorial artwork for the album from Ian’s basic sketches.


In a time where playlists are consumed on demand and unlimited choice is on offer Cash Crop invites you to become a confidant and will have you pressing repeat rather than browse. 


Bottom Line from Cash Crop has received extensive airplay across national and regional stations and spent 2 months on the RTE recommends playlist. Cash Crop is the follow up to 2008's 'The Lucky Caller Number 9', an album which yielded several radio singles that received significant airplay. In addition the band ’s music was paid a massive compliment by the inclusion of the track ‘City Friend ’ on the soundtrack of Lenny Abrahamson ’s internationally acclaimed film 'What Richard Did'. 

An album of genuine heft........Ian Whitty has the extraordinary gift of writing poignant lyrics, wherein everybody can find a glimpse of themselves. 8/10
— Hotpress
A serious talent
— John Creedon - Radio 1
Arguably the most exciting act to have emerged from Corks vibrant music scene in the past two years
— The Corkman
An excellent album stuffed with potential hits... a hugely talented group
— Hotpress
Indeed, such is the calibre of ‘Cash Crop’ that it’s bang on the money throughout and leaves absolutely no IOUs whatsoever.
— Whisperin' and Hollerin